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A Sociological Perspective on the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Mar 5, 2020 9:36:01 AM

"School-to-Prison Pipeline

picture2The United States currently locks up approximately 2.3 million people, more than any other country in the world (Prison Policy Institute, 2018) into federal, state, and local facilities. Nearly 60,000 of these people are youth (ACLU, n.d.), who in other circumstances would be in school. This fast-track system of disproportionately sending students into prison or jail is called the school-to-prison pipeline. The school-to-prison pipeline defined:

School-to-Prison Pipeline means the policies and practices that are directly and indirectly pushing students of color out of school and on a pathway to prison, including, but not limited to: harsh school discipline policies that overuse suspension and expulsion, increased policing and surveillance that create prison-like environments in schools, overreliance on referrals to law enforcement and the juvenile justice system, and an alienating and punitive high-stakes testing-driven academic environment. (NEA, 2016)."


Topics: Social Work